Adventure Tours in Nepal

Adventure Tours in Nepal

There are many places and activities for Adventure Tours in Nepal. Sky Diving at Mount Everest  for  Jumping from sky seems erratic for few but for some its fun and way of life which highlight the growing trend of extreme sports. Like such the passion and excitement of feeling the thin air or flying is drawing people to remote location creating new endeavors of excitement. Sky dive in specific is an adventure sports that tests the limit of human endurance. Nepal with its rugged terrain and natural wonder is regarded as the ultimate destination for adventure sports and facilitating that is the growing trend where sports like these are capitalizing the resources and capitalizing the resources and technology.

Recently, a new world record was set in by few adventure enthusiasts who jumped from the airplane at Mt Everest. The jump was categorized in two types solo and tandem where the people jumped from an attitude of 18,000 ft and 29,500 ft. The event was organized.

Rock Climbing
The other extreme sport getting new heights is Rock climbing. Rock climbing in Nepal can be done in aptly identified sites such as Nagarjun, Balaju, Shivapuri and Budhanilkantha. Other than these locations, one can also enjoy rock climbing during their trekking in remote areas such as Manang and Mustang.

White Water River Rafting
Nepal has earned recognition worldwide for its best white water rafting, kayaking and canoeing. There are 16 rivers to choose from for rafting in Nepal out of which Trishuli river (grade 3+) is considered the best. The other popular rivers used for rafting are Kali Gandaki (5-5+), Karnali (4- 5) Bhote Koshi (4-5), Sun Koshi (4-5) and Marshyangdi. Rafting in Kali Gandaki river takes five days which passes through intense rapids, deep remote canyons and deep gorges. Rafting in Bhote Koshi extends up to 26 km of continuous white water.

Whereas Marshyangdi river is a four-day of uninterrupted white water. The Karnali River provides some of the most challenging rapids in the world. The Sun Koshi River offers the longest rafting of almost 270 km that takes 8-10 days to complete and the most biggest and longest of all. Nepal has numbers of government registered rafting agencies that offer world class service to their customers.

Mountain Biking
The best way to explore Kathmandu Valley and its outlying destination is on a mountain bike. Mountain biking is the only way to enjoy uphill and downhill of the country without spoiling its pristine environment. The sport is also considered enjoyable as well as adventurous in the surrounding valley and its vicinities. There are plenty of off roads and plain roads in Nepal to meet the wildest dreams of adventurous mountain bikers. Mountain biking is specially recommended if you wish to explore urban cities on your own. Adventurous souls may plan extended trips to exotic places such as Namche Bazaar, and western Nepal. One can also do the entire length of Nepal across the plains. Mountain bikes are available for rent by the day or longer in many of the bicycle rental outlets in and around the city.

Bungy Jumping 
The ultimate thrill of a Bungy jump can now be experienced in Nepal. The first of its kind, Bungy in Nepal is situated in Bhote Koshi at the height of 160 m. The Bungy jump in Nepal is considered best due to its natural ambiance and high ridges. The jump is done from an artificial bridge specially constructed to carry out the activity and done in care of specially trained jump masters.

The history of paragliding in Nepal is not long but it is emerging as one of the fastest growing sports in Nepal due to the suitable weather and best locations to carry out. Paragliding in Nepal is a wonderful experience to enjoy scenic beauty of terrace fields and breath taking white Himalayan ranges.

Zip Flyer
The Zip Flyer Nepal is not just another zip line. At a 56% incline, 1.8 km in length, 2000 ft vertical drop and speeds of over 90 mph makes this the most extreme ride in the world. A ride of this magnitude has never been built before and we assure that this ride will truly be a unique experience.

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