Tour and Trekking in Tibet
Tibet has been renowned for centuries as a mysterious and timeless land. Despite modernization, it still retains many elements of its past: intriguing gompas, ancient markets, fun-loving and ever-smiling Tibetans and curious nomads with their yak caravans. The awe-inspiring mountain, panoramas, sweeping plains and turquoise lakes combine to create unforgettable sights.

Tibet may be the unforgettable destination for all people by spending days in Tibetan cities, mountains and Tibetan environment. There are many trekking and tour destinations. The cities like Gyantse, Shigatse, Lhasa Tsedang, Yarlung etc are the ornaments of Tibet having many monasteries.

The main attraction of Tibet tours are Potala place, Barkhor markets, Jokhang temple, Norbulingka monastery, Seramonestery, Kumbum monastery, Tashilhunpo monastery, Home of Panchen Lama, Rongbuk monastery as the religious places, we can get modernized experience in the cities. There are famous and religious mountains and lakes like mt.Kailash, lake Mansarovar, Rakshas Tal, Paiku-so Lake, Shishapangma etc. there is direct flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu. We offer the following trek and tour program for central and western Tibet.

Spiritual Koras or Parikramas in Tibet
Kailash outer spiritual kora and Domala pass: This spiritual Kora comes on normal Kailash kora tour crossing Dolma la Pass 6450m covers hundreds of spiritual sites around. It is believed as the one of the most famous spiritual kora in world for all aum followers.

Nandi Inner Kora/ Nandi Inner Parikrama:Inner Kailash Parikrama/ Kora tour has 2 days focus on inner Kailash excursion and Nandi Kora (30 KM) the timing of start parikrama /kora depends up on the decision of PSP at darchen, if they permit us to camp above darchen we can camp at Serlung Gompa for first night and make Nandi Inner Parikrama / Kora but if they do not permit us for camp we need to start Nandi inner Kora at early morning from darchen which takes around 16 hours. This day is one of most spiritual day for all pilgrims but also the hardest day on this spiritual journey. If we complete this Kora on day first we can make another special program “ viewing Kailash as form of Shiva Lingam” or the bird’s eye view of Kailash parvat above the Gyanthok Monastery which is extra ordinary spiritual experience of Mt. Kailash and get chance of self meditation on top of the hill above Gyanthok hill just in front of Mt. Kailash and Nandi.

Nandi Inner Kora/parikrama has Two Technical part where we need to use Climbing equipments. One part is to climb up to Saptarishi Cave and other to Nandi La Pass. After this it is steep down to river of West of Nandi which meets with another stream from Kailash at Serlung Gompa.

Kailash Inner Kora/ Kailash Inner Parikrama: Kailash Inner Kora/ Kailash Inner Parikrama starts from Dirapuk take around 9 Hours after crossing Khandosalgam La is 25 KM till Juthulpuk. The route for this inner kora has only one technical part of climbing so we need to use climbing equipments but it is not as technical as Nandi Inner Kora. After Khandosalgam La the way is easy till Juthulpuk. If someone of group wants to make Outer kora they can proceed from DOLMA LA and gauri Kund on same day and meet with group at Juthulpuk. Before this Inner Kailash Kora we experience spiritual “ Charan Sparsh” or Touch Kailash tour from Dirapuk for one full day.

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