The Bhutanese have Treasured their natural environment as it is seen as a source of all life and the abode of the Gods and spirits. Buddhism has been the predominant religion since the 7th century and has inculcated deeply the value that all forms of sentient life, not just human life, are precious and sacred. Given such a prevailing ethos which respects the natural environment. it is not surprising that the bhutanese have lived in harmony with nature and that the nation has its environment still pristine and intact today. the country has been identified as one of the 10 biodiversity hotspots in the world and as one of the 221 global endemic bird areas. Its eco-systems harbours some of the eastern himalayas with an estimated 770 spices of birds and over 50 species of Rhododendron, besides an astonishing variety of medical plants and orchids. Bhutan also has a rich wildlife with animals like the Takin, Snow Leopard, Golden Langur, Blue Sheep, Tiger, Water Buffalo and Elephant.

Cancellation of Trekking and tour in Bhutan:

  • Program cancelled within 45 days of the start of the tour program no cancellation charge
  • Program cancelled within 30 days – 15 % of the given cost
  • Program cancelled within 21 days- 20% of the given cost
  • Program cancelled within 7 days- 30% of the given cost
  • After arrival in Bhutan: 100% of the given cost
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