Kailash Fixed Departure Tour in 2024

Kailash Fixed Departure Tour in 2024

Kailash fixed departure tour in June and September 2024 is planned to retreat or self-meditation at north face of Kailash – charan sparsh or touch Kailash. Kailash tour departure in June 2024 is planned to worship Kailash on full moon day “Purnima” on 22nd June 2024. Kailash fixed departure tour includes four days Kailash parikrama (kora) with Inner kailash excursion. If we cannot get local permit to visit south face including Nandi parvat and Saptarishi cave, we bring our group to Tirthapuri and guru gem monastery. Kailash fixed departure tour in June and September 2024 is based on prayer to all spiritual sites around Kailash Manasarovar.

Mt. Kailash is situated at west part of Tibet, Ngari region (Autonomous region of China); it is one of the most popular spiritual and adventurous destinations for all people. This region is the source of water for south Asian countries like Nepal, Tibet – China, Bhutan, Pakistan and India as four huge rivers originated from this area. Manasarovar Lake and Mt. Kailash is also respected as top most spiritual destinations for pilgrims who follows AUM on their chanting or mantras. Mainly Hindu, Buddhist, bon and Jain followers have believed to make this tour at least once in lifetime. According to Hindu myth Mt. Kailash is the holy homage of Lord Shiva and three to four days Circumambulation (parikrama) of Holy Mountain brings them to heaven or they get liberation. There are many places related with Hinduism as Gauri kund, Nandi Parbat, Yama dwar, Saptarishi cave, Sheshnag parvat are in Kailash. Spiritual expeditions is organizing Kailash fixed departure tour as per request from friends who wish to be at north base of Kailash.

Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar is on high altitude and dry region, it is rich on alpine flora and fauna. It is beautiful part of world well known as center of universe behind the long Himalaya range so people can get great view of long Himalaya range with different lakes on the way. Holy Mansarovar Lake is situated between Mt. Gurlamandata and Kailash parvat so this lake has quite different experience than other lakes in Tibet.

Trip summary for Kailash Spiritual Tour on June 11 and September 2, 2024;

  • Once supporting truck for Kitchen and meals
  • Nepali cooks, staff and equipments from Kathmandu via Kerung border
  • All veg. meals from kitchen (Breakfast, lunch and Dinner) for Tibet Kailash part
  • Supporting by experience Nepali staffs for Kailash kora as per group size
  • Kathmandu spiritual tour
  • 4 days Kailash Parikrama (Kora)
  • Charan Sparsh or Touch Kailash Tour.


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