Hare Ram Hare Krishna Tour in Nepal


"Yada yada hi dharmasya, Glanirbhavati bharata, Abhyutthanam adharmasya, Tadatmaanam srijami Aham, Paritranaya sadhunaam, Vinashaya cha dushkrutam, Dharma samsthapanarthaya, Sambhavami yugey yugey!"

Hare Ram Hare Krishna Tour in Nepal provides special opportunity to explore Krishna and Rama temples around the country. We have hundreds of Krishna and Rama Temples around. The importance of Rama and Krishna is mentioned on Ramayana from:” Treta Yuga”. As a person, Rama personifies the characteristics of an ideal person (purushottama) who is to be emulated. He had within him all the desirable virtues that any individual would seek to aspire, and he fulfils all his moral obligations (maryada). Rama's purity and piety in his intentions and actions inspires affection and devotion for him from a variety of characters from different backgrounds. Mahabharata is about the Dwapara Yuga, which is slightly more corrupt and darker age where people know what to do but no one follows. At that time Krishna showed a path (Just showed) which to follow. If he wants he could finished the whole kurukshetra war in a single day. But he did not do, instead of that he directed Pandavas, so that they will know what to do.Rama told exactly what to do and how to live. On the other hand Krishna gave a choice and explained the results/effects of the path we choose. Both the avatars (Rama and Krishna) manifested as human beings on Earth and came with a certain purpose. Once that purpose was served, they left the mundane world as we know it.

 According to Hindu methodology and epics Rama and Krishna was re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Ten Incarnations of Vishnua we called “dashavatars” are Matsya (The Fish), Kurma (The Tortoise), Varaha (The Boar), Narasimha (Half-man and Half-lion), Vamana (Dwarf Brahmin), Parasurama (The One wielding the Axe), Rama (the Purushottama - The perfect human being), Balarama (Krishna's brother), Krishna (The perfect Statesman) and Kalki (The Warrior riding a White Steed)  which was descended on earth with a specific purpose to protect through the multitude of ages.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna tour covers the two major temples In Nepal. Krishan Temple in Patan is one of the best Krishna temple which was built on 1723 A.D by Siddhi Narsigh Malla. It is Multi – stage Shikhara temple made by terracotta with Main god on 2 floor. Large number of devotees gathers on this temple on Krishan Jarmasthami to worship Krishna.

The temple “Ram Janaki temple” situated at east Terai is the Place fo Rama. It is spiritual center for all Hindus as famous as Janakpur Dham. The main “Shree Janaki Mandir” was built on 1847 A.D by queen Brishbhanu Kunwari wife of King Pratav Singh of Orchha Kingdom, Madhya Pradesh. This is biggest Temple of Nepal with area 265 X 187 Sueare feet.  There are other temples as Shree rama Temple, Raj Devi temple, Dulha – Dulhan Mandir (Bridegroom and bride Temple),Dhanushadham, Hunumant Durbar, Jaleshwarnath Temple, Shree Sankat Mochan Mandir and Rangbhoomi, Shree Laxmi narayan Temple around the area.  Dhanusha Dham is the place where Fragment of Shiva’s deivine fell after lord Ram broke it in to three pieces during the Bow – Breaking ceremony held at Rangabhoomi in Janakpurdham – a condition for obtaining the hand of site in marriage.


Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu, Evening Visit Pashupatinath Temple

Day 02: Pilgrimage tour around Kathmandu (Budhanilkhantha, Changu Narayan and Bhaktapur Temples)

Day 03: Fly to Janakpur, evening visit temple

Day 04: Pilgrimage tour around Janakpur, visit Dhanushadham O/N Janakpur

Day 05: Fly back to Kathmandu, after noon visit Krishna Mandir Patan

Day 06: departure Transfer to airport for final departure


Trip Facts

  • Trip Days: 5-7 Days
  • Best Time: Round the year
  • Difficulty: Easy