Nepal Spiritual Tours


Nepal is one of the best places for spiritual tour due to mixed culture, mixed tradition and sacred sites around the Himalaya. There are hundreds of sites related with different religion below the holy Himalaya all related with five elements on both Buddhism and Hinduism. Besides the spiritual sites here Nepal is also famous destination for spiritual pursuits like meditation, yoga, astrology and retreat. It is believed that Nepal is a country where deities mingle with mortals. Nepal has rich cultural heritages all related with unique spirit and correlated with both religions. Kathmandu the capital city has more than 4000 temples, monasteries and stupas of different gods, goddesses and Buddha. Nepal is the center for all different branches of Buddhist and Hindus having their own spiritual sites. Nepal is also known the land of Buddha because Nepal is the birthplace of Shakyamuni Buddha due to this fact from all over the world wanting to get a glimpse of the sacred birthplace of Lord Buddha. Spiritual tour in Nepal provides real spiritual experience based on different destinations. 

Nepal has numerous spiritual sites, which makes perfect Nepal spiritual tours, To the Hindus, the most famous and most venerated is the temple of Lord Pashupatinath, Situated on the bank of the holy river Bagmati in Kathmandu. It is among the most revered shrines for Hindus all over the world. The main temple, which stands in the middle of a courtyard, is two tired, built upon a square plinth, and is 23.6 meters high. The four large gates of the temple are silver and gilt-plated and richly carved with images of deities. The two copper roofs are supported by numerous struts adorned with beautifully carved images of various Hindu gods and goddesses. The sacro sanctum or the main idol of "Mukhalingam" is one meter high and has faces carved in four directions. The original temple is said to have been built at the beginning of the Christian era. It is said to have undergone several reconstructions over the ages to what stands today. It is located on the holy river Bagmati, 6 km east of Kathmandu.

It is believed that this temple was built long before the Christian era begins. The Pashupati Temple was built in the fifth century and later renovated by Malla kings, Its original beauty still remains with the beautifully sculpted stone sculptures found here. Thousands of Hindus come each year on Shivaratri.


Pashupatinath Temple - kathmandu

Monasteries & Temples around Patan- Kathmandu

Bhaktapur City & Changu Narayan Temple - Kathmandu

Buddanilkhanta Temple ( Sleeping Vishnu) - Kathmandu

Muktinath Temple ( Lower Mustang) - Mustang

Lumbini ( Birth Place of Buddha) - Terai

Swyambhunath Stupa - kathmandu

Kapan Monastery- Kathmandu

Holy Lake Gosainkund- Spiritual Holy lake

Janakpur / Janaki Temple- ( Eastern Terai)

Damodar Kund - Holy Lake in Himalaya

Shay Gompa - Upper Dolpa ( Spiritual Trek)

Lo-Mangthang -Upper Mustang ( Spiritual Trek)

Pathibhara - Spiritual trek

Namobuddha, Dakshinkali - Full day Excursion tour form Kathmandu

Spiritual Destination in Himalaya :

Gosainkunda lake

Panch pokhari lake

Damodar Kunda lake

Bhairav Kunda lake

Narad Pokhari lake

Dudh Kunda lake