Tour in Mongolia


The name 'Mongolia' has always stirred up visions of the untamed - Genghis Khan, camels wandering the Gobi Desert and wild horses galloping across the steppes. Even today, outside of Ulaanbaatar you may get the feeling you've stepped into another century rather than another country. 

We have different types of Tour packages to mongolia, we have one sample program for THE GRAND NAADAM FESTIVAL TOURS, if you need more information, Please feel free to contact us; 

The major tours:

15 days or 14 days Mongolia Discovery
20 days or 19 days The Grand Mongolia Tour 
16 days or 13 days The Grand Naadam Festival Tour 
9 days or 10 days Naadam Festival plus Gobi desert Expedition 
19 days or 12 days Adventure Ecotravel Expedition 
12 days or 11 days Mongolia Best Tour & Expedition 
19 days or 13 days Mongolia Mountain biking 
10 days Wilderness Horse Trek Vacation   
8 days or 10 days From Grassland to Karakhorum 
12 days Mongolia Trek Exotic Vacations 
14 days or 13 days Gobi desert Adventures plus Camel Safari
2,3,4,5 days Mongolia Budget Short Tours 
18 days or 12 days From Baikal Lake to Gobi desert 
12 days Sleg dogs driving Expedition
18 or 19 Days Cultural Nepal / Tibet Tour with Mongolia Tour   

Attendance at Naadam, the largest and most colorful of all Mongolian festivals!.  

Trip summary:

AREA:                        1,566,500 sq km (604,829 sq miles).

Gateway:                    Ulaanbataar, Mongolia
Group size:                  Minimum 10 adults or more participants
Length:                       16 days or 9 days or 13 days
Difficulty level:           Easy to moderate
Tours dates:               July 5- 20 or July 5-13 or July 5-17
Mongolia Weight Limit:15 kgs (33lbs)
All inclusive land cost:On request-We would be pleased to have you join us.
Language:                     Khalkh Mongolian is the official language. Kazak is spoken by 5%
                                    of the population. There are also many Mongolian dialects.
Religion:                      Buddhist Lamaism is the main religion.
Standar time:         GMT + 8 (Bayan Ulgii, Uvs & Khovd Aimags in western  
                                    Mongolia GMT+7)
Eelectrycity:               220 volts AC, 50Hz.

Tour Highlights:

Attendance at Naadam - the largest and most colorful of all Mongolian festivals plus Mongolia Grand Tour to visits Terelj National Park, the Sacred Tuul river Nomad's Valley, observe the highest New Statue of "Chinggis" Khan ( with 40mts high-it is very close to our Chinggis tourist Camp, about 3-4kms only) explore the Gobi desert, Khovsgol Lake National Park , Karakhorum and the Hustain Nuruu National Park.  The Naadam Festival is a Mongolia's celebration of the three manly games: horse racing, archery, and wrestling. We will visit to the nomadic tented camps that have sprung up, and experience a concentration of nomadic Mongolia at one site.  We will visit the great Monasteries as Gandan, Erdene zuu in Karakhorum-was the ancient capital in the time of the Mongol empire during the 13-14th centuries. We would be pleased to have you join us.

 Important Notes:  
Please, make your reservations at your earliest convenience, a minimum 6-8 months prior to Naadam Festival!. Especially hotels, buses and the flights in and out of Ulaan Bataar are fully booked at this time!. Seats can be difficult to get in July during Naadam Festival!.These Complete Tours include arrival and departure transfer services to/from Airport. All you have to do is to make necessary International air arrangements. Tour and Tour Information are subject to change.  

Mongolia is vast! Generally, it is recommended to pay your visit from May to September when the grass is green. The Naadam Festival in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia is celebrated on July 11 and 12 (this an annual festival of culture, sports and trade occurs during this time).  Please note when you choose your clothes:  April to May, or on September: warm days and cool nights around (6-10°C). June, July to August: is summertime, days around (15°C-30°C), nights around (10/20°C).   

Hotels in Ulaanbaatar during Naadam Festival are subject to change. Substitutions, if any, are similar class to listed hotels. Hotels are based on double occupancy in Ulaanbaatar city. Triple rooms at hotels during Naadam Festival in July (High seasonal!) are not available and will not confirmed!. Check-in at hotels is at 12:00m/Check-out at hotels is at 12:00m. Tourist Base Gers Camps in Mongolia are based on double or on triple occupancy only!. Single occupancy in Tourist Gers Camps in Mongolia is not available and not confirmed during Naadam Festival in July (only the accommodations in the countryside must be assigned on a share basis due to insufficiency of single rooms)!.Single gers are NOT available. Single supplements reflect sharing in gers and single rooms in hotels in Ulaanbaatar city. Accommodation in the countryside of Mongolia: Most tourists will stay in specially constructed gers camps. These camps provide accommodation in the round felt houses used by nomads and usually have separate toilet, washing and restaurant facilities.Though every attempt is made to make our itineraries as accurate as possible, it may be necessary to make modifications as uncontrollable local conditions and factors warrant. Mongolia's tourism infrastructure is in its infancy which requires a flexible and adventurous attitude and patience. Some adjustments to this itinerary may be necessary right up to time of departure.