Spiritual Tours in Bhutan


The Bhutanese refer to their country as DRUK-YUL or the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Druk meaning dragon and extending from the pre-dominant Drukpa school of Tibetan Buddhism. Bhutan's History parallels Buddhism's spread in the Himalayas and to properly understand Bhutan's history one needs to understand its religion. Bhutanese History is closely associated with its religion. Bhutanese history dates back to the 7th century. Bhutan has managed to preserve its historical sites and culture along with its environment and there are monasteries that date back from the 7th century onwards. While at the threshold of the Millennium the Bhutanese are more determined than ever to preserve its age old culture and fragile environment. Spiritual Tours in Bhutan will be designed according to the interest of clients.

For Centuries Bhutan's isolation and its self-reliant national character kept the Kingdom outside the path of economic development. Although this seclusion prevented Bhutan from fully benefiting from many of the medical, technical and scientific advances of the day, it also shielded the country from many of the detrimental side effects of poorly planned or haphazard development. As a result, Bhutan has emerged as a role model in the preservation of its culture and environment in the "today's world".


Located in the heart of the high Himalayan Mountain range, Bhutan is a land-locked country surrounded by mountains in the north and west. The population of 620,000 is made up primarily of indigenous Bhutanese. Altitudes in the south range from 1,000 to 4,500 feet. Altitudes in the more populated central regions range from 4,000 to 17,000 feet over the highest pass. The altitude of Thimphu, the capital, is 7,700 feet. The immense beauty of the Himalayas is contained in its diverse landscape. Cascading rivers, conifers, wild rhododendron and blue poppies, long sweeping valleys, fields of maize and tall imposing white-capped peaks: these are only a few poetic references. The land also changes with the strikingly different seasons. Bhutan has four distinct seasons. Spring marked with unusual fauna, summer/monsoon, autumn brings clear skies and warm days and finally winter which is surprisingly mild with only a few snow falls each year. Our tours try to help the people to taste the real Bhutan and interact with the innocent Bhutanese people.