Buddha Tour in Nepal

Buddha Tour in Nepal

(Spiritual connection with Kathmandu Valley, Swyambunath Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple)

Geographically it is proved that Kathmandu was a big lake before and there is only one outlet from Chovar west of Kathmandu.  According to History and legends it is believed that Kathmandu was the origin of Spirit on the period of Dharma Era when it was a huge lake. Now Kathmandu has thousands of temples, Stupas, Monasteries and monuments with different significances and importance on Both Hinduism and Buddhism.  As per our history Swyambunath or Swyamnu god or Swaymbu Jyoti  and Pashupatinath or God Pashupati or well known lord shiva temple are most historic and spiritual ancient monuments in Kathmandu valley has connection with the hundred of Spiritual leaders, Kings from different regions, different Buddhas and Bhodisatyo. The ancient history of Nepal provides connection of five human Buddhas with Kathmandu valley and surrounding Hills as Shivapuri, Nagurjana, Phulchoki, Champa Devi, and Namobuddha. Till now those hills are supposed as secret and holy places around the Kathmandu valley. Here is some of the legends and significance about the five human Buddha before Sakyamuni Buddha (Gautama Buddha) as connection with Swyambunath stupa, Guyeshwori temple, Pashupatinath Temple and Kathmandu valley.

1) Bipashbi Buddha

Bipashbi Buddha was the first spiritual leader” Buddha” came Kathmandu valley at the period of Dharma Era when it was a huge lake. He situated at Nagarjuna Hill west of Kathmandu. It is believed that on fullmoon day of month chaitra he visited Nagdhaha and planted the lotus seed which signified the history of Katrhmandu valley.  Due to that religious impact locals of Kathmandu valley celebrate festival at Nagarjuna Hill every year on full moon of Chaitra and all things of this festival is dedicated to Bipashbi Buddha.

2)  Shikhi Buddha

An extraordinary lotus plant was seen after six month of lotus plantation at Nagdhaha by Bipashbi Buddha, which was the beginning stage of the “Swyambuath”- The great land god with self energy. Now the place becomes famous Swyambutha Stupa well known as “Monkey temple” for tourists. This has very long spiritual significance since Dharma Era. Due to this huge establishment at Kathmandu valley Shikhi Buddha visited to meet with god swyambu, after his long spiritual meditation he meet with the god and well blessed by swyambunath. At that time Shikhi Buddha stayed at Dhannochya Hill, now is it known as Champa Devi Hill which has festival every year on period of 1 st day of Magh month.

3) Vishobhu Buddha (Kanakmuni Buddha)

After Dharma era (Treta Era) Vishobhu Buddha visited to Kathmandu valley and stayed at the Hill having different flowers. Vishobhu Buddha offered various types of flowers to Swyambu Nath from the Hill called Phulchauki south of Kathmandu so this hill is known as Phulchoki Hill which is also spiritual and pilgrimage site for all. Vishobhu Buddha also briefed his students about the outlet of water from Kathmandu valley at frist time in history.

4) Manjushree Bhodisatyo (Kashep)

When Vishobhu Buddha returned back from Phulchoki Manjushree Bhodisatyo had arrived and worshiped Swyambunath. He studied about the outlet of water from Kathmandu valley which was big lake till that time and found solution of outlet water from place called Katuwal and made this place for settlement for peoples, after the history of Kathmandu valley was started since Treta Era. Manjushree had established a new city from Swyambu nath to Guyeshwori after the city was known as Manjupattan and nominate the new king known as Dharmakarak. Huge festival was offered for Manjushree at Syambunath stupa every year on shree panchami on month of January – February.

5) Krakuchanda Buddha

Krakuchanda Buddha arrived to Kathmandu after Manjushree to worship Swyambu Jyoti. According to legend Krakuchanda Buddha was the person who worshipped to Guyeshowari for water because peoples of Kathmandu was suffered problem of drinking water at that time. Due to his worship and meditation Guyeshwori established Bagmati River from Shivapuri Hill. On the period of Dapar Era King Prachandav from Gaud had come to Kathmandu as pilgrimage of Swyambunath and established Basupur, Agnipur, Bayupur, Nagapur and Shantipur. The present spiritual sites around including all purs of swyambunath were renovated on 16th Century by King of Kathmandu valley.

Eventually the connection of all Buddhas with Kathmandu valley, Pashupatinath temple and other monuments provides the exact experience of spiritual significance in Nepal. The crown of Shakyamuni Buddha is worshipped as the main core of Pashupatinath Temple once every year at Kartik sukla Asthami which shows the harmonic relations between both religions going together at Nepal.


Kathmandu Spiritual tour with Hiking to Secret Hills(Spiritual holiday)


Day 01: Arrive to Kathmandu, O/N Hotel

Day 02: Full day spiritual tour around Kathmandu including Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Guyeshwori temple, Bhdanilkhantha Temple, Shivapuri Ani Gompa and Swyambunath stupa.

Day 03: Full day Hike to Champa Devi Hill (Place of Shikhi Buddha), Visit temple.

Day 04: Full day Patan city spiritual tour of Maha Buddha, Rudravarna Mahavihar, Hiranyaverna Mahavihar, Krishna Temple and more

Day 05: Full day Hike to Nagarjuna Hill (Place for Bipashbi Buddha), evening visit Monasteries

Day 06: Full day hiking to Phulchoki Hill (Place for Vishobhu Buddha)

Day 07: Fullday Bhaktapur Sightseeing tour and drive to Namobuddha (Shakya Muni Buddha)

Day 08: Fly to Bhairawa, drive to Lumbini ( Birth Place of Buddha)

Day 09: Visit Lumbini and around

Day 10: Visit Lumbini and around

Day 11: Fly back to Kathmandu

Day 12: Free and easy at Kathmandu or visit Kapan and Pullahari monastery

Day 13: Departure transfer to airport for final departure.