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Spiritual Expedtions Nepal offers Spiritual tours around the Himalaya with tailor made itineraries to the interests of our customers based on religion, culture, history, spirituality, archaeology, art and architecture. We can guide to prepare programs on the base of pilgrimages to religious shrines, explorations of the Holy sites and historic monuments, rituals at ancient famous temples, retreats and more in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Those spiritual travel destinations provide spirit in all aspects which recharge your mind for upcoming future.

Nepal is one of the best places for spiritual tour due to mixed culture, mixed tradition and sacred sites around the Himalaya. There are hundreds of sites related with different religion below the holy Himalaya all related with five elements on both Buddhism and Hinduism. Besides the spiritual sites here Nepal is also famous destination for spiritual pursuits like meditation, yoga, astrology and retreat. It is believed that Nepal is a country where deities mingle with mortals. Nepal has rich cultural heritages all related with unique spirit and correlated with both religions. Kathmandu the capital city has more than 4000 temples, monasteries and stupas of different gods, goddesses and Buddha. Nepal is the center for all different branches of Buddhist and Hindus having their own spiritual sites. Nepal is also known the land of Buddha because Nepal is the birthplace of Shakyamuni Buddha due to this fact from all over the world wanting to get a glimpse of the sacred birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Tibet – known as “the roof of the world” is autonomous region of China is rich on culture and tradition. It has thousands of spiritual sites related with Bonpo and Buddhism. We can see chanting monks, stopped in prayers, the nomadic herd man of Tibetan  plateau mingle and wade through prostrating citizens as they kora of the monasteries on their bellies while prayer flags fan the burning incense as the smoke rise towards the heaven, to God who govern by a faith compassionate to all living thing. Since 8th century- Tibet has been devoutly Buddhist, merging influences from Indian Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism has inspired centuries of splendid are and architecture, serving as the cornerstone of Tibet’s unique and highly developed culture. Tibet has many destination related with “spirit” as Central Tibet, East Tibet and Lhasa have thousands of monasteries, chortens and stupas including Potala Palace, Norbulinka Palace, Samye Monastery, Gandan Monastery, Drikung Thil monastery, Ramoche Monastery, Sera monastery, Jokhang Temple, Tashilumpo Monastery, Khumbum Monastery, Shakya Monastery, reting Monastery, Ronbuk Monastery etc are major destination on tour combines with Holy Lakes like Nam-Tso, Basum- Tso, Yandrok- Tso.  West part of Tibet is being famous due to Holy and top spiritual Mountain “Kailash” which is one of the most worshipped places in world for all AUM followers. Mt. Kailash is situated at Nagri region of west Tibet with Holy lake Mansarovar. Every year thousands of Hinhu and Buddhist pilgrimage visit Mt. Kailash to make Kora through Dolma La. Hindus believe this is sacred place for lord shiva where as Buddhist believe that as Kangrinpoche where guru Rinpoche did meditation so Mt. Kailash become one of the most important spiritual destination in world.

Bhutan is small country on south Asia which is rich on Buddhist culture and perfect place for visitor who is seeking for place of solace, rest and recuperation. Bhutan spiritual tours provide meditation, retreat and stay on peace for personal spirit. Naturally Bhutan is beautiful country with many natural beauties so this is best option to extend spiritual Bhutan tour with Nepal and Tibet.


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