Spiritual Outdoor Adventures


Nepal is a country where Hinduism and Buddhism are going together with all societies from high Himalaya to Plan terrain till India border. All region of this Himalayan country is dominated by historic Monasteries, Temples, Chotens, Stupas and spiritual destination formed naturally around the Himalaya. Just below the Himalaya we can explore Holy “Kundas” the alpine small lakes with religious significances for both religions. The major kundas (natural lakes) lies on the mid hill just below the white Himalayas are listed as Damodar Kund ( Mustang Region),Narad Pokhari ( Manaslu region),Gosaikund ( Langtang region),Dhudh Kunda ( Everest Region),Bhairav Kunda ( Everest Region),Panch Pokhari ( Rolwaling Region),Shey-Phoksumdo Lake ( Dolpo Region) etc are the main destinations for travelers who want to make spiritual trek . These holy natural lakes are spiritual sites not only for one religion followers but also for everyone who want to do meditation with nature, increase eternal spirit or recharge mind through self re-treat.  Due to remote part of Himalaya, travelers should plan trekking and hiking programs from 4-13 days for those spiritual lakes.

On the other hands, Nepal has thousands of temples situated on Plan terai, cities like Kathmandu and pokhara, Mid Hill Himalaya and High Himalaya, Kathmandu valley itself has hundreds of temples at Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan city. The famous temples as Pashupatinath temple, Dakshik Kali Temple, Datatraya Temple, Krishna Temple, Doleshwor Mahadev temple, Living goddess Kumari temple, Bhairav temples, Changu narayan Temple, Vishnu temples, Shrines of Ganesh, Bajrayogini temple, Narayan temples, Bhimsen temples, Laxmi temples,Machhandra nath Temples are situated at Kathmandu valley including Patan and Bhaktapur. Once want to make spiritual tour around Kathmandu can explore those all temples with 3-4 days. Besides that the famous spiritual temples as Pathibhara, Muktinath temple, Kalinchok Bhawani temple, Swaradwari temples, Ram Janaki temple ( janakpur), Ramoroshan temples, Bharaha temples, Gorakhali Temple, Manakamana temple, Chandeshori Temples, Balmiki ashram,Bindabashani temple, Dev Ghat, Goraknath temple are situated out of Kathmandu which needs some extra days by driving or taking domestic flights. We conclude the itinerary for spiritual outdoor adventures to Nepal according to personal interest of travelers.

Nepal is birth place of Buddha so it is one of the most important spiritual destination for all travelers so Spiritual outdoor tours and adventures may not complete without visiting “Lumbini”- the birth place of Buddha. Nepal has thousands of Monasteries, Chotens, Stupas and Buddhist temples sprayed around the country. We can get each monastery in each village in High Himalaya where Highlanders made worship to Buddha and great teachers every day. The famous monasteries as Kapan Monastery, Namobuddha Monastery, Hiranya varna Madabihar “ Golden temple”, Rudra Varna Mahabihar, Syambhunath Stupa, Buodhanath Stupa, Mahabouddha Temple, White monastery, ancient Bompo monasteries, Drikung monasteries, Shakya Monasteries etc are at Kathmandu valley ,we can found hundreds of ancient monasteries around all Himalaya range from east to west as Ghar monastery (Upper Mustang), Shanka Monasteries ( Manang,Gorkha,Mustang), Bonpo Monasteries ( Dolpa, Mugu and Humla), ancient monasteries ( Sholukhumbu and east Himalaya) etc. The Spiritual tour to Lumbini (The birth Place of Buddha) includes Mayadevi temple, Ashoka Pillar, Bhodi tree, different monasteries from different countries, Tilaura kot, Kudan, Gotiwaha, Niglihawa, sagarhawa, Aurorakot, Devdaha and Ram gram. These all spiritual and religious sites are perfect destination for those who want real spiritual experience with self meditation or guided meditation at monasteries or monuments. This also provides travelers to meet with great spiritual leaders learn about the significance of the sites, history of the monuments and get spiritual speech from guru. Travelers can enjoy the local experience through home stay with them or accommodate at monastery, in addition we can organize yoga and re-treat program.

Nepal is one of best place to plan spiritual outdoor adventure including sites in Nepal with spiritual Holy Mt. Kailash which is situated on west Tibet – China. Mt. Kailash is one of most famous Spiritual destination worshipped by all “AUM” followers. The secret Kora “Parikarma” of Mt. Kailash is one of the best ways to worship Mt. Kailash, this Kora passes through High pass “Dolma La” 5,640m with high spirit of monasteries, holy lakes and dedicated groups of pilgrimage.  The program also includes the spiritual Kora of holy Lake Mansarovar which is surrounded by different monasteries and mountains. Mt. Kailash is respected by Buddhist as “Kang Rinpoche” and by Hindus as palace of lord” Shiva”. All part of Tibet is decorated by different monasteries and spiritual sites if travelers want to make trip to Lhasa and central Tibet they can explore and experience Ronbuk Monastery, Tashilumpo monastery, Khumbum Monastery, Shakya Monastery, Reting monastery, Potala palace, Drikung Thil Monastery, Ramoche Monastery, Sera Monastery, Norbukinka palace, Gandan Monastery, Samye Monastery, Tsedang, Nam- Tso Lake and more.

We can make tailored program for Spiritual outdoor adventures in Nepal and Tibet as per personal interest of all travelers.