Cannoning and Kayaking in Nepal


Cannoning involves abselling, sliding, jumping, climbing and swimming in Nepal's most unimaginable natural aquatic environment. Spiritual Expeditions offer you the most extensive knowledge, expertise, safety and variety of canyons in the kingdom. As the pioneers of cannoning in Asia, Nepal introduced this adventure sport of Nepal in 1996 and have been exploring these ruggedly beautiful, yet forbidden places since its inception. Nepal has canyons to suit travel lovers to some of Nepal's most extreme environments. Despite all the fun and games, this lport requires the guidance of an expert. The instructors are experienced practice of safe cannoning necessitates the proper gear, continual vigilance and a excellent knowledge of these remarkable places.


This is a great river for intermediate to advanced Kayakers. Most rapids are pool-drop and there are surfing waves almost all the way down the river. Many rafting operators in Nepal has the best kayakers and instructors, they are always willing to share their enthusiasm and expertise. We encourage kayakers to join any of our trips. You needn't worry as our safety kayaker is always with the expedition.