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Nepal is one of the most beautiful and best adventure destinations for adventure tours, travels, Treks, and Expeditions. Nepal is the most famous tourist destination for adventure sports and adventure activities in the Asia. The topography of this Himalayan Kingdom makes it the first choice for adventure tours. Out of the ten highest peak in the world, Nepal is home to 8 of the peaks among them include the highest peak Mount Everest. The land of Nepal is blessed with enthralling beauty with gorgeous landscapes, enthralling pathways, mighty Himalayas with snowcapped seems almost flittering with the sky, lush green vegetation with exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries packed with varied wild animals and birds, gorgeous rives suitable for white water rafting, rocky mountains and far end villages untouched by the modernity provides wonderful opportunity for adventure tours in Nepal. During adventure tour you can climb the highest peak of the world, trek in the gorgeous landscapes, scenic villages and safari in the exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries which are considered to be the densest in South Asian region. In fact the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is paradise for adventure enthusiasts, adventure seekers, trekkers, nature lovers and mountaineers. And experience Nepal from a different perspective as you explore Chit wan National Park from the back of an elephant. With many included activities and options for more, like a soak in the restorative waters of a natural hot spring, you'll come away with a full and real appreciation of this fascinating land. So, join yourself with us for the pleasure of getting real adventure in Nepal.

Nepal is not only a paradise for trekking, but it offers, thanks to its territory and nature, many alternative activities. Here a selection of basic orientation. Find some programs in the outdoor section, but if you want to receive the personalized Ideas for routes that include these activities, please contact us. We prepare a travel program that reflects your wishes and on spot possibility.

The descent on the Himalayan rivers of Nepal means, with few exceptions, immerse yourself in areas that are not touched by mass tourism and discover the country through the "waterways", passing through villages, gorges and jungles. Normally only the points of departure and return are accessible by cars. Almost all rafting pass through remote areas that reflect a rural Nepal and little modernized.
The first rafting trips took place in 1968, when a French team went down the Sun Koshi river. The same year also the Trisuli river was baptized at rafting. The first commercial rafting were made in 1976 and the Nepalese government held the first course for rafting guides, under the guidance of the American legendary Mike Yager.
In the following years, rafting became very popular, leading to an increase of the specialized agencies. We work with a number of agencies that we consider secure, professional and reliable.
Both the water that comes down from the Himalayan glaciers huge that the summer monsoon greatly influence the volume of water that lead the rivers, and the same stream can have a class 3 and +6 depending on the season.

  • The best time is from the end of September (or early October) at the end of November. The air is clear, daytime temperatures warm / mild and water is temperate. The water flow rate is high and the fun assured.
  • From December to February both the temperatures and the water can be cool. The water flow is still good to have fun on all rivers. With a lower water level can encounter more obstacles and classification changes slightly.
  • From late February to late April, the rivers carry more water again, for the melting of snow in the high mountains, and temperatures can also increase a lot.
  • From early May to June, the river levels change frequently, and some river as the Tahir and the Karnali become very difficult. During the monsoon from July to late September, the rains make the water level rise so dangerous and the descents are not recommended at this time.


Karnali/ Tamur/ Sun Koshi/Babai/ Bheri/ Mahakali/ Kali Gandaki/ Trisuli/ Seti/Marsyangdi/ Bhotekoshi

Flying in the Himalayas is certainly spectacular, accompanied by breathtaking views of mountains and lush nature. Nepal is generally a difficult area for paragliding. The thermals are often extreme. But there are also regions suitable for "average-good" pilots and many areas have not even explored for paragliding, leaving ample space for expeditions.
The region of Pokhara grew ever stronger as a destination for lovers of paragliding, and because it is easily accessible, either because the flights are relatively easy. Other areas are Tansen, Jumla, Dharan, Ilam and all the pre-Himalayan areas.
Legal provisions
For paragliding in Nepal, you must obtain a permit from the Civil Aviation Authority, and the Ministry of Transport flight, culture and tourism (Ministry of civil aviation, culture and tourism services). This provides temporary permits to fly. In case of use of "walkie talkie" must request permission through the Ministry of Communications (Ministry of communications). Obviously we carry out these formalities for you prior to arrival.
On request, we will prepare Para-trekking programs. Our experience is straight forward and therefore we can make treks and travels tailored to the needs of those who practice paragliding.
Tandem flights in Pokhara
For those who want a taste of paragliding in Pokhara can be made, with good weather, Tandem flights (passenger more experienced driver, usually foreign). They require, however, an advance reservation, often because the demand exceeds availability.

With more than 160 m above the river Bhote Koshi, a three-hour journey from Kathmandu to the border with Tibet, found one of the world's most spectacular jump Bunjee. The bridge imported from Switzerland provides maximum security, and is run by real experts in the Bungee Jumping, from international environments. You can do the Bungee in one day, with round trip to / from Kathmandu, but you can also stay overnight in the resort which is located nearby to enjoy the spectacle of nature. Here you can also combine Bunjee with activities like canyoning or rafting on Bothe Kosi.

The cannoning was introduced by the French team in the early 90s, right on the waterfalls of Bothe Kosi. To date, other waterfalls were open to this possibility, and certainly Nepal, thanks to its incredible nature, may in the future become one of the countries of reference for this activity, which is now just beginning.

This motorbike tour is for people looking for an insight into the rural life of Nepal with a great view of the evergreen forests of the Himalayas and beautiful temples and monasteries.  The motor biking tours programs that can be possible to great short and long as your wish. When you ride with the leader in off-road motorcycle adventures in Nepal, you'll enjoy the finest customer service available and the challenge of off-ride rugged beauty riding. This is not just another "tour", it is an Adventure tailored to your desires.

Imagine playing golf with the Himalayas in the background. Here's what awaits you in Nepal:

  • In the valley of Kathmandu, is Le Meridien Ghorkana Golf Club, just 8 kilometers outside the city, or the Royal Golf Club, directly in the city.
  • A Pokhara you will find the Fulbari Golf Club and the Gorkha Golf Club, spectacularly located overlooking the panorama of the Annapurna Himal (8091 m)! If you want to include a few days of golf, while you are traveling in Nepal, we will prepare an appropriate program.

Increasingly popular, are located in Kathmandu also, both artificial and natural gyms. Pokhara offers a climbing spot near Sarangkot, and near Bandipur there is a great cliff.
If you want to include one or more days of rock climbing, please contact us, we have the necessary equipment and trained guides to take you out in the valley in Kathmandu or Pokhara, or even on an artificial wall.

Nepal is a land of assorted geography, climate, ethnicity and biodiversity.  More or less, here,  185 species of fish are found and most striking ones are- trout, catfish, Murrei, rainbow trout, common trout and crap. The best season for fishing in Nepal is from October to November and February to May.  Some prominent fishing areas are Karnali, Babai in Bardiya, Chitwan's river confluences, Dolalghat, on Kodari Highway and Pokhara's lakes. Most significantly, Karnali River is gifted with good fishing spot for the fishing enthusiast. Different species of fish are found in Karnali River. Amongst the several fishes found here, the Golden Mahseer is valued above the others. Karnali is the perfect place for Mahseer fishing.
Furthermore, fishing is all the more amusing in mountain streams. There we can spot varieties of trout- rainbow trout and common ones. The Himalayan rivers and lakes camps present good basis for fishing for the fishing lovers. Also, fishing in the rivers in the Terai region will be a reverie experience for fishing enthusiasts. There one can see large catfish, murrel and carp. Likewise, the Mahseer is a large and much- appreciated sport fish found in the Geruwa River that skirt. But, its numbers are decreasing hastily.

Flying in the Himalayas is certainly spectacular, accompanied by breathtaking views of mountains and lush nature. Nepal is generally a difficult area for paragliding. The thermals are often extreme. But there are also regions suitable for "average-good" pilots and many areas have not even explored for paragliding, leaving ample space for expeditions.
The region of Pokhara grew ever stronger as a destination for lovers of paragliding, and because it is easily accessible, either because the flights are relatively easy.

Nothing quite compares to the thrill of exploring the valley on a motorbike. With natural beauty abounding around Pokhara, the ride is adventure packed with thrills and excitement. The friendly locals make the trip delightful and one can venture anywhere in the unrestricted valley. All you need for a great time is a good bike and a reliable map.

Pokhara’s Phewa Lake naturally draws visitors towards it. Easily the best means of recreation, boating is a favorite pastime which one can enjoy any time of day. The other two lakes, Begnas and Rupa, are located 15 km out of Pokhara. Less visited but no less beautiful, both these lakes are excellent for boating and fishing.

Go up in an ultra-light aircraft and get a sweeping bird’s eye view of the entire Pokhara Valley. It is an exhilarating ride that allows unhindered views of the mountains and the scenic lakes far below. Ultra-light flights are operated from Pokhara Airport beginning September through June.

Pokhara has the space and climate suitable for golf, and the sport was introduced here many years ago. There are two world-class golf courses in Pokhara.

It is a delightful way of getting around Pokhara. Rides are organized by operators for valley and the surrounding hills



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